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The R Excel software is like an additional plug in tool for the Microsoft Excel. This utility allows a user to have complete access to the necessary statistical packages of R from inside Excel software. It allows the easy transfer of data, including matrices, between both the R and the Excel software, in a two-way direction. It can be used for directly running R codes from a variety of Excel files. The user can write macros in the R language for executing complex calculations, while simultaneously maintaining his security, as the R is not exposed to the other individuals. This software can be used to incorporate the auto-update mechanism of Excel to initiate recalculations, which is to be done by the R language. This R language function can be directly called from within the Excel file formats. The R Excel is fundamentally statistics based software, and is operated as a spreadsheet by the user.

This tool facilitates the user to make Excel an easy GUI for the R language program. This enables the R functionality to be accessed through a series of menus, dialogue boxes and other shortcuts, rather than a complicated command line in programming oriented style. This software is easy to install and requires only the R Excel installer, which is provided by CRAN.

R Excel makes use of the inbuilt Stannconn DCOM to deal with certain configurations, and also uses Rcom package, to get access to R from inside the Excel files. This software was developed by Erich Neuwirth, and was released on April 14th, 2012. It operates on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines, and can work on all versions of Windows systems. It is provided with an additional workbook, which illustrates a variety of methods of using the R language through Excel. This software has proved to be fast and useful.