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Presto! PageManager is an Optical Character Recognition software that contains a number of OCR software features. It is the sister software to Presto! OCR and it is primarily meant to work as a file manager for both Windows and Mac versions.

Presto! PageManager software is equipped to work with PDF and other image files. It is also compatible with all the MS Office applications. It prepares text into MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, rich text and text files. It converts tables and allows the user to change the direction of the respective pages. Apart from this, it also offers file compression, necessary for archiving. The software has many features including a spellchecker and other similar features. In case of any problem with navigating through the software, the user can access the instruction manual that is present in the ‘Help’ section of the software and troubleshoot accordingly.

The Presto! PageManager’s manufacturer NewSoft's website provides contact information for their customer to reach out for service and technical support representatives. The website also includes limited software tutorials and FAQs. The software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP including a version for Mac. The software is easy to use and is widely preferred by people all round the globe.

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