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Like any other recovery software, Photo Rescue is a program that recover photo with their actual size and modification from corruption. It is really effective on jpeg files as well as other type of image files. This software Photo Rescue was primarily created for targeting the creative people. For the professional level, it is obvious to face such problems. Thus to avoid these problems, this program was functioned. The software was developed by their own software publishing house Data Rescue in 2012.

The software is very mobile and can work in any situation. From windows XP, windows vista, 98, 2000, ME, NT to windows 7, windows 8 all the operating systems are configured for this program. For its simple nature and vibrant applications Photo Rescue is so popular in the mass. It has both the two basic properties of utilization and management capability. For this issue, it is been categorized in utility & operating system category and sub-categorized in the file management group. Most importantly, it requires only about 3 Mb of hard disc space to run itself independently. It is self-sufficient and don’t need any other programs’ help to operate.

The Photo Rescue with advance enhancement keeps the user guessing. Its way of giving surprises is just awesome. For image files, not only jpeg but any other files can be regained back. And most vital thing, not only hard discs but also CD’s and DVD and External hard discs are included in its list too. It has a very simple and transparent way of operating. Just by selecting and thumbnail the objects selected to recover; the images are regained from the corruption. With less work, it gives the user full efficiency. Photo Rescue with advanced algorithm technology recovers everything that the user wants him to do. Recently, it supports many type of digital branded images too. It is software with multi-purpose use for all.

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