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Page manager is one of the most popular programs available online. This program helps in viewing the organization structure present in the entire file. Other than the overall structure, each and every smallest detail is given in this case. PDF files could be opened and no file conversation is required. Multiple pages could be split over here and different PDF files could be collected along with. Merging of different files is also allowed by this application. All files could be grouped and stacked and after this one can spread them accordingly. The folder could be defined as a document inbox, which could be used for mail attachments. With the help of this one could easily monitor and keep a watch on all documents which are incoming.

Different documents could be printed and files could be sent via email, which may or may not be present in the same folder. The user has to drag the selected file and leave them at the document pallet. Scanned documents could be sending and image files and documents present in this folder could also be scanned. An easy browsing facility is available and documents could be viewed by different file types present. One could easily view all the files without opening other applications present with the help of image viewers and page manager documents.

Page Manager is designed especially so that it uses multi-threading technology. This is a standalone and scan anytime tool. Share scans could also be created easily and documents could also be modified. All personal organizations could be easily integrated. Different formats are supported by the Page Manager such as DOC, TXT, RTF, DOCM, XLSM, PPS, PPTM, HTML, HTS and PPS. For images the different formats are GIF, BMP, PCX, JPEG, TGA and PSG and for video the different formats are MPEG, MPG and AVI.

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