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In recent times, time is the most valuable thing that a common man can afford. Thus to save time, and to do multiple work simultaneously together Multiple Find and Replace is represented. It searches the computer and finds the same batches of files at the same time.

Multiple Find and Replace gives the administrator to access the full computer memory organization at a same time. The soft3ware was developed in 2009 by the Faith software development authority. The basic principle of operation of the software is very easy and simple in nature. It provides the user with both utility and management skills. Thus it is selected in the utility & operating system category and sub-categorized in the file management section. Its simplicity in nature helps the program to get worthy enough to get supported by all the windows operating systems. It includes windows 2000, windows 2003, windows XP, 98 to windows vista and windows 7, 8. The most important point in this, it is self-sufficient in programming. It is very independent and doesn’t require any other program to run it. It only takes 480 Kb of hard disc space to imply its application.

Unlike its small size, it is very effective and worthy enough to give it a look. The program allows accessing the total memory disc of a computer on its own. Thus it saves a lot of time for the user. Multiple Find and Replace can be used in many ways of operation. Multiple same types of files can be selected through one of a same kind of file at a time. One would not have to open all the files and to check it, because the program is very precise in its way of operating. Selecting and modification is a part of work by the user. Multiple Find and Replace is very useful, efficient and worthy software to afford in your personal computer.

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