Download MediaWiper

Users have often felt that deleting a single file or folder or formatting may not always remove all the contents in the files of the user. So, as in order to prevent Identity Theft, White Canyon Inc. has developed the Media Wiper software to help users from making any mistake while erasing any file or folder, this may cost thousands after being discarded from the specified destination. The program with its application can easily and quickly erase any type of data on the hard disk partitions, portable hard disks, USB drives, memory cards and much more.

A single diskette of the user’s device may contain several types of important files and folders, which basically may have the entire personal identity of the user and the identity thieves’ aim at such discarded media in lieu of recovering such types of data about the user. The Media Wiper operates on all the version of Windows, which is basically of size 1 MB and which is available in both the trial and purchase version so that any user can at first take a glimpse of the software and then later on can avail the full version of it.

Another example where the software proves its worth is that many attorneys break through their client’s privileged bond as on a weekly basis with their consent for it and also at times pass valuable information of their clients to other clients but with the help of the Media Wiper this theft or malfunction of information can be stopped with a few clicks on the applications of the program. The software has the easy-to-use interfaces that contains a very powerful wipe and erase technology so as to help the user to have a full control on its respective documents after being discarded from the source file or folder.