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M-Files DMS is a one of a kind document management software which is best at what it does thanks to its easy integration with other programs and its potential in organizational use. It helps to arrange all your documents and files in a synchronized way and manage work flow. It lets you keep a track on your documents and you get to control whosoever sees it. This is extremely useful in an organization where it improves functionality and also ends up saving paper. M-Files DMS allows organized viewing and storing.

The highlight of this software is that when it is installed on a computer, it creates a separate M drive. The initial setup of the software takes time as you have to tag and categorize every file in your system that you import into this drive. Some other features are, the documents can be arranged category wise, this software and the files it contains are available to all the people in the office where you can also set viewing or editing permissions on specific ones. It also offers a project creation template.  In terms of security, it has a backup system as well as cloud storage.

M-Files DMS offers help and support to the users by including a program which takes you on a walk-through of how to use the software. Also, the website contains FAQs and other training material if required. Overall, this software is most useful for managing a large number of documents and files in an organization due to its ease of integration with other programs and with any computer system. Therefore it is a product that should definitely be used.

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