HDClone Free Edition

Download HDClone Free Edition

Do you want to propagate the stored data from one of your hard disk to another without losing a single one of them? If yes then you should go for the new software application that is named the HDClone Free Edition. This is a tool that has the ability to copy your data as if you are going to clone all of them to another hard disk. Occasionally it may happen that your hard disk got damaged and you are not able to use or run a specific program from that very hard disk. Then you have to install the entire operating system to another hard drive to run the same program successfully.

Now it is time to change your habit with the usage of this new application tool. This HDClone Free Edition is such a useful tool that has the ability to copy the entire data from your hard disk and create a clone on another hard disk as the name suggests. Since this software can function only on the physical level that’s why this can be used for any operating system. It can run the hard disk migrating and create some additional disk space if you want to while copying the entire system installation onto another hard disk. This unique software has some other interesting features also.

It has self booting system and self operating system. So if your operating system got damaged anyhow, you can use it. This also adds some other unique features. You can run copying one or more disk partitions at a time without copying each partition separately. Some other important features may include ability to create password protected AES-encrypted images, creation of writable virtual drive, can support USB 3.0 etc. these has made this unique software very useful solution for data rescue from damaged hard disk or total installation on to a newer hard disk.