Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable

Download Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable

Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable helps the user to analyze the hard drives and the SSD drives in their computer without making any necessary changes or installation of any settings or files in the specified computer. The software can be operated by using it through pen drives or any other external drives which must have system integrators and progressive users so as to periodically analyse and examine the hard drives. The program comprises of analyzing functions, various applications of the software, and a number of tests conducted in order to provide a good report of the hard drives of the computer.

This software was developed by the H.D.S. Hungary of a size 14.4 MB and that can be easily accessed in all the version of Windows. The program comes in both the trial and full version for a certain price. The Hard Disk Sentinel Pro Portable comprises of some key features like provides an easy to use interface for new users of the software, instant analysing of disk with the help of S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Report Technology), has the possibility of API interface for developers, helps in improving and enhancing the hard disk space, provides the HDD status in the Windows Explorer by displaying them on disk icons, etc.

The software also offers with a wide range of alerts with respect to different problems taking place from within the hard disk drive. The software requires some basic specifications like the a Pentium processor or any of its supportive CPU  of 32 MB system memory and a minimum size of 15 MB hard disk space that supports the SCSI or ATA or SAS USB communication interface for proper installation of the software in the computer.