Download Foxplay

Foxplay is complete entertainment software, which was launched to help users to obtain information about their favourite television shows, episodes and games without any tedious effort. Using this media software, a viewer can integrate all his favourite shows, which he has missed, and watch them one after another on the fox play media list! This was launched in the year 1991 by CASBAA. CASBAA is an association of digital television content. Being multi-channel in nature, it covers a wide range of platforms like advertising, video designing and delivery, etc all around the world. It has connections with more than 445 million stations and spans over eighteen geographical areas, including Pakistan, China, Japan and Australia. The main motive of this software is to promote multichannel video and television content through networking exchanges, information concerning TV industries and other events.  It also encourages global practices.

The software is a service, which is available to users on demand and is gaining popularity each day because of its fast response, user-friendly approach and colourful menus, functions and interesting tools. It has highly promoted television reality shows and series. The Fox Play also offers monthly movies, the number ranging from twenty to twenty-five movies per month! At the beginning of every new month, new updates and new titles come to display on this software.

The software also provides extensive and interesting previews and behind-the-scenes recordings of various well-known movies. Fox Play is one of the most popular television guides and acts as connected TV, enabling users to view shows, series, movies and other entertainment files easily and conveniently. The software also has the ‘multiroom tool’, with the help of which users can integrate more than one show or series on their desktops and thus besides their favourite shows, they also have alternative shows which they can switch over to at the same time.