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FileCenter Pro is your simple, easy to use, paperless solution to cater to organizing your important documents. The software is developed by Lucion Technologies.  It is a document management software which helps you tag and categorize your files, both scanned and digital. It is ideally a software useful for one person as it has features which are easier to use on a small scale. It is easy to install and integrates well with any computer.

Some of the key features of FileCenter Pro are the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or the ability to help read the text when scanning documents from printers. It allows you to run a full text search and edit the document too.  It also allows you to save the files in PDF format and directly mail the same to your client from within the software. However, the software has its limitations as well. It doesn’t offer any workflow control but makes up for the same by its good integration with single computers. The highlight of the software is its support features. The program starts with tutorial tips and videos. It comes with a FAQ’s page on the website and customer representatives are available on email and live chat to help you.

Overall the software has high accuracy, and is multilingual thus making it easy to search for documents. It has a built-in search engine which enables you to type in the keyword and locate the file with the words. It also has two key security features of file encryption and shredding. Thus, the software with its brilliant support structure and good list of features, along with its ease to use and implement in systems, is worth some consideration.

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