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Most of all PC users have a habit of storing files randomly in computer. Thus searching a particular file in the whole computer is really a tough thing to do. Usually it is not a big problem while anyone is searching for a powerful search tool. If you are facing problem on searching a particular file in your computer, while you are quite sure about the location of the file, File Locator can be the best solution for you. File locator has a very powerful search program than windows built in search option. This software has many useful utilities in its pack.

File Locator does not have a highlighted interface for use. It is very easy, plain and very intuitive to navigate. All the search options are arranged in tabs in the software. Thus any one can use the search options very easily. This software has a great feature that search by text in the document. If you know about the text in a particular file and have forgotten about the title, then you can search the file by the text. It will surely save your time. You can search files by location. If you specified the location for searching a file and if the file is present over there then this software will surely find it out.

File Locator also has some other search options like by file type, date ranges when the file has been created, last modified and last accessed. This software provides Boolean search options, search within compressed and archived files including hidden files and also file hashing. This software is very easy to use but it has also some advanced properties for expert users. So, this software is very useful for both expert and normal users. You can hide the advance options for regular use. It also has a help option to help the user for using the software.