Download ES File Explorer File Manager for PC Windows

ES File Explorer File Manager for PC Windows can be the ideal choice of file and application manager for all users of android devices. This app functions as an extremely efficient resource management tool, which allows users to access their files on mobile devices and share them with other users with ease. Moreover, this tool allows its users to stay connected with other users over a range of connectivity options such as EDGE, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi, and share a variety of content ranging from photos to video files.

ES File Explorer File Manager for PC Windows provides its users with a large number of options for effective management of their files. Users can select from any of the options such as Rename, Cut/Copy/Paste, Search, Move, or Share for their files. Moreover, users can manage their files remotely from a computer, as well as, manage apps using options for categorizing, uninstalling, backing up, or creating shortcuts.

Users can also improve the performance of their devices by killing tasks with a single click, as well as, clearing junk files that eat up much of the memory space. This app also provides support for cloud storage and access through Bluetooth. Users can benefit from its many features by accessing it at bluestack app player.

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