Convert XLSX to XLS

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XLSX is the format used to save spreadsheet files in Microsoft Excel 2007. However, this format is not supported in all versions of MS Excel, making it an issue for users who possess earlier or later versions of the application. This is where Convert XLSX to XLS claims to come to the rescue of its users. And to implement this tool, you don’t necessarily have to possess a version of Microsoft Excel 2007 on your system. The tool can convert all your XLSX format spreadsheet files into the more compatible XLS format in a simple, easy, and quick manner.

You can even convert more than one spreadsheet file into the XLS format, simultaneously, using its batch conversion option. The flexible options offered by this tool are what make it an endearing and ideal tool for all users. And in this context, the tool also allows you to execute your conversion tasks, including batch conversion activities, using the command line. This means you can even automate the entire format conversion process using the Windows scheduler or the command line. You just need to configure the command to include all the required parameters to ensure that your output is as per your specific requirements. What more can be more appealing to users than to accomplish your tasks with the least human intervention!

The tool guarantees to ensure that the file content is not changed during the conversion process. Therefore, quality output without a hassle seems to be the promise granted by its publishers. You can check out this tool using its free trial version, which comes with limited functionalities. A product that has been designed and developed by Excel-Tool; this utility is supported in most Windows platforms, including Windows 2000, 7, XP, and Vista versions. Although the tool is simple and intuitive to use, it is also integrated with a Help feature for those users who need it.