Cesar FTP

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Cesar FTP is software that enables the user to preserve the disk framework of the particular system on which it is operated. It provides a platform for uploading of files and their further processing systematically. The Cesar FTP supports various other functions like ban masks and several events during the upload of data. It also supports ratio and the system of quotas during such upload.

Cesar FTP software works according to the NT service. The log Page contains colorful text. The user is provided with innumerable facilities like messaging other users. One can easily ban or kick the other users according to their choice. The user is also provided the facility of disrupting new connections that are occurring at a particular time and at the same time maintaining the old ones. A very easy and reliable set of options are provided to the user for the configuration of the accounts. One can merge the various groups in a single window, who are using the particular software. The user can manage their accounts by limiting the users on global or account criteria.

The Cesar FTP is a very efficient and a strong client for Windows. It is compatible with the operating systems of Windows 95, NT, 98, 2000 .