Bulk File Changer

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It has been always seen that users find it difficult to allocate properly the necessary files from multiple folders and then arrange them accordingly as per their requirement. But with the emergence of the Bulk File Changer software developed by the Nir Sofer, the problems related to the arrangement of files from various folders have been resolved to a large extent. The software is a small utility that allows the users to customize various attributes of files, data creation and run such executable files with parameters as well. The program is a freeware software of size 74 KB and that easily operates in all the version of Windows.

The application performs task like modifying the date and time, making special attributes such as Hidden or Read only, copying, cutting and pasting in the Explorer. The interface and controls of the Bulk File Changer software is very efficient and easy to perceive by any sort of users. The main page of the software comprises of all the categories that are arranged by default but one can change the order and remove unwanted entries including grid lines by clicking the Choose column on the View menu. One can run an application on multiple files all at once, which helps in accessing a wide range of files automatically with the third party apps by selecting the Execute Command on Selected Files in the Action menu.

The Bulk File Changer program will prove to be very useful and efficient software for all the users who face difficulty in managing files from several folders. The developer has also come up with the later version of the software so as to provide the best feature for the prospective users of the program.