Brute Force Uninstaller

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It has been long enough that the users are expecting for better and improved advanced application tool that can remove complex application on the go without spending much time for it. So as in order to accomplish such demands of the various users, Merijin has developed a freeware software named as Brute Force Uninstaller, which can remove several unused applications within a minute without spending much time for fixing the errors or other such issues. It is a scripting application that can execute a group of present commands such as the Windows batch file, giving concentration on uninstalled programs, which are hard to remove, or applications that are not installed properly or simply unwanted.

The software is a plaintext, which can be written with a Notepad and whose syntax command is transparent. The Brute Force Uninstaller is very powerful and complete software of size 77 KB, which gets easily operated in all the version of Windows and doesn’t have an uninstaller. Much of its scripts can be easily downloadable from the Internet but the real challenge lies when the user needs to write on its own only after which one can be assure of its several application. The program also comes handy with a group of applications like to unload the Explorer .exe process from the memory before executing any script so as to make sure that there doesn’t remain any conflict and the application move with its functions smoothly while the another option is to remove all selected files for a full removal.

Brute Force Uninstaller executes the present command and provides with certain options that will help the script to handle files directories, the memory that can contains various processes, registry items such as whole or value keys, INI and DLL files. The program itself is a respectable tool only if one has time to deal with it and is willing to write scripts for each separate application that it wants to remove.