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BlueDoc is a document management software. It organizes one’s important files, sets up specific workflows, and keeps the files and documents stored safely in it. The tracking of files using this software, is done by an online system, but before one starts using this software, one needs to download the server. It is only after downloading the server, that one can transfer their Bluedoc account. One can customize the settings of the software, according to their needs, for example the software allows its users to manage permissions, set categories, and review document workflows. Once when the categories is set, the files which are uploaded by the users, goes directly into those categories.

If one happens to lose the track of the uploaded files, one can search them in through metadata, by name search or by category in which they have been saved. After installing the software, one needs to set up an account, to start working with it. Apart from uploading the files directly into the software, one can also scan the document into the computer and then transfer it into the program. Since, everything is managed online in the form of files and documents, the software also enables one to move a step forward, towards a paperless society.

With the administrative portal, one can assign and review workflows. One can integrate their email ids with Bluedoc software and keep a track of everything from there. The level of control exercised by the users with the help of this software, ensures that all the important files and documents are kept intact. One can access all these information, from any online device including iPad's and smart phones. As far as its installation is concerned, there has been no such problems reported by the customers and that all the tools of this software are user friendly.

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