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Ava Find is a software tool designed for the purpose of finding files and folders in your computer at an amazingly faster speed. This may not have the same publicity as Google Desktop or Windows Explorer, but it certainly is a powerful search engine for those who can remember at least a tip of their file or folder name. This tool uses the familiar logic of scanning one time the complete disk and thereafter referring to its index for faster search results.

There are various options available for flexibility and for faster search. This tool allows us to search only particular folders, drives, or logical drives. The main point to be noted in using this tool is that it does not search for contents of the files, as in the case of Google Desktop, but only the file names which match the search criteria. Having said that; like any other standard search engine, this tool also provides plenty of flexibility in the search criteria. We are allowed to provide multiple wildcards in the single search criteria. For example, to search for a file called “Beautiful household names of London.doc” we can input the search criteria as “Beauti*hold*London*” which will provide us as outcome all those files in which these characters appear as names. But keep in mind that only the file names are searched for these parameters and not the file contents.

There are various feedback regarding the performance of this free trial tool. It is estimated that to scan a hard disk of around 20GB, it takes around one minute, which is moderate; but subsequently slows down the system and it continues even after several reboots. One more point to be noted is that the tool prevents the deletion, renaming of files and folders from the search window and only allows us to open them. These essential features are available only in the professional version, which comes with a cost.

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