Auto FTP Manager

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When you want to transfer file from a system to another over a given network, you need a technology known as the file transfer protocol (FTP). Auto FTP Manager is the software which enables you to use this technology. This is a highly efficient client which enables certain protocols apart from FTP.

You can use this software for various purposes like publication of a web page and taking care of it. You can also update or download any data. This software is not time killing and saves your energy. Your file will be exchanged within a short time span. It also has an auto transfer mode which transfers data all by itself. All you have to do is schedule the time and feed the data. The job will be done and you do not have to bother about it. Even when your system is not running the software, your scheduled data will be transmitted. This tool also serves well when you have to transmit a critical data file. You can store the data on a daily basis onto the server. You can also merge the data to be transferred with the system. You can send and achieve more than one data files along with more than one network. It does not stop for a response for a completion of a task and starts the other one. When you are downloading any data and due to bad network or any other such parameters you downloads are stopped, you can start from the position it had stopped. Certain tools are also provided to choose appropriate data file.

The syntax interface allows you to choose data files all by yourself amongst other files. An effective signing system keeps an eye over all transmissions. The total chart can be stored onto your system or even mailed to the FTP network.