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Carved out as an apps manager for the desktop, AllMyApps is a great app store. Initially, the user needs to sign up for an account, post which he or she gets a list of his currently installed apps along with a screen to look for new apps and games. This screen is split into categories like web development, multimedia and security, to name a few. Each category contains innumerable apps ranging from a few hundred to several thousand. It also has a Chrome extension that replaces the Chrome new tab page with its own page. The software is a freeware and any update required, is notified to the user by the software itself.

AllMyApps is a great software and the best thing about the same is the fact that, it is fairly easy to install and can be used by almost anyone. The simple interface allows people to navigate through the software without any problem. It analyses the installed programs and checks for available updates as well. Besides all this, AllMyApps provides an automatic backup, thus securing all the information. The software also allows the user to create and save multiple lists of application to be installed later.

AllMyApps is often referred to as the next generation Appstore for Windows and Linux OS. No matter what your need be, you would find it all in AllMyApps. Its usability and performance makes it a hit among the masses. The application is still in its beta testing phase and hence has a limited number of apps listed within. It may not have many desktop utilities but offers a wide range of well-known apps as Chrome, Skype, Firefox, Adobe Flash, Notepad++, Live Messenger and many more. Thus, if you are looking for a software that would manage all apps from one place, you may simply opt for AllMyApps. It is a software which would indeed put a smile across your face.

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