Download Exiftool

When it comes to editing the metadata of a particular file, there is no beating the Exiftool freeware. Editing the metadata of an image file without having to open a substantial program is not easy. But before you download Exiftool you do need to remember the fact that if you are not acquainted with Windows command line, Exiftool is not for you. If you have handled Perl and windows command prompt (at least type and pace with the key board), Exiftool is brilliant software to use.

While utilizing the Windows command prompt, Exiftool provides you a superfast way of editing the metadata of a particular file effortlessly.  All you have to do is to place the executable file of this portable software on your desktop. The next step is to open the software by double-clicking it and imports any image file to it for producing a windows command prompt menu. Here all the available metadata of the particular file will be shown. For editing those available metadata of the file, you will have to rename the executable file and then open it using command prompt line.

Opening the executable file by using a command line will enable all the Perl distribution involvements in windows. Individuals those who have an extensive understanding of the Perl language will do quite good and comprehensive use of Exiftool. Even for the beginners, this is a super-fast way to edit the metadata with less hassle. For certain individuals with basic knowledge of command line, using Exiftool can be a great learning curve.

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