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It is completely stock market software which comes with various features. This program makes feasible ways for obtaining free stock quotes and real time quotes to achieve best results. In fact, it is possible to perform both technical and fundamental analysis with on each quote with the support of equity evaluator by using advanced mathematical derivatives. Furthermore, it is possible to generate stock picks based on the analysis to identify buys and sells.

One can be able to import quotes and data from files in selectable formats. Another advantage is that it provides methods for maintaining multiple quotes and grids according to needs. Moreover, it plays an important role in updating financial news, quotes and stock trading through internet for gaining more benefits. Users can be able to view up to 18,000 quotes per quote list with this program.

In addition, it helps for displaying the graphs depending on the market conditions. Methods for downloading automated quotes are given by this program by addressing exact needs. Equity evaluator also shows ways for exporting quotes and data to files in selectable formats. Anyone who wants to install this program in their system can follow the instructions in simple steps to experience desired outputs.

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