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Enfocus Pitstop Professional is the new type of preflighting and correction software which can be done depending on specific production requirements. Earlier software which accommodated preflighting and correction had only general values to correct and preflighting of PDF files which can be used for a different numbers of production requirements. But this in turn resulted in being less accurate and specific, as the production requirements grow to be more specified day by day. Pitstop Professional brought a revolution in correcting the preflight profiles with different values.

Pitstop Professional from Enfocus provides different set of variables that are to be set by the user depending on the correction work requirement on a preflight profile. In those earlier days, fixed number of preflight correction values could be checked such as the picture on the profile has to be more than 300 dpi and the paper size has to be A4.

This is where the Enfocus Pitstop Professional software is a standout featuring the smart preflight option. The smart preflight option checks and corrects for specified involvements in the preflight PDF profile with greater accuracy. The Pitstop Professional has unleashed the full potential of checking and correcting procurements for PDF files with the help of smart preflight engine. The sleek interface provides numerous advantages such as smarter editing option, cleaner overview and a better focus upon correcting the preflight profiles. This software runs on Windows 2000, XP any version and Windows 7, 8.

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