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The Easy Picture Renamer software falls in the genre of software tools, which have emerged to help people struggling to rename their vast collection of digital photos by providing a number of options. This software tool provides its users with the choice of renaming individual photos at a time, or they can opt to rename hundreds of photos in a batch within a matter of seconds. Thus, users can select any of the two options according to their preference and convenience.

The first option allows the users to add custom tags to any photo, view the image they wish to rename, and then hit the rename button to change the filename. This is an extremely efficient and easy process, which will ensure that the users are able to rename a large number of photos within a limited time. However, they can opt for the second option if they do not even this much time to change the name of the photos individually.

The users can choose to change the name of hundreds of images and add the date of capture or creation of the photos by using the batch renamer option. They can even opt for adding numbers to their photos sequentially by starting from whichever number they wish to start.  Thus, the Easy Picture Renamer software allows its users considerable range of choice for renaming their digital photo collection.

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