Download DSO Planner for Windows 8

DSO Planner for Window 8 is used by the amateur astronomers. This software is developed to help the user i.e., astronomers to plan their observations. The main purpose of the tool DSO Planner is to help the astronomers, the amateur astronomers. The amateur astronomers use this software program to plan the observations done by them.

DSO Planner for Windows 8 helps the users to describe and evaluate the founding and observations of the objects of the sky. This tool is also used in choosing the suitable and interesting observations. The program comes with many features and functions for the benefit of the user. The main benefit is the availability of huge opportunities that helps the user to filter the objects and also sort the objects of the astronomy. It also provides detailed and comprehensive information about the objects filtered and sorted out by the program.

The details of the information provided by DSO Planner for Windows 8 are common name, type and description. It also shows the constellation, dimensions and picture. This tool also enables the user to view the visibility graph of the objects. This application is a tool made and developed for the astronomers for their help. This software is highly compatible with the operating system of Windows 8 as well as with XP, Vista and 7.

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