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For the portable devices like laptop or notebook, battery is really an important accessory. So naturally everyone will expect to use it optimum level. Smarter Battery is a utility software that mainly helps to save the charge of your portable device. With the help of this tool you can see the details of your battery, its capacity and other few important parameters regarding the battery. Even you can do the calibration of battery with the help of this. Functions like Green mode, fast discharge etc. is also available in this.

When the battery level is very low, an alarm will help you to make you aware of it in that case. This alarm can also be triggered either for capacity percentage or for time remaining. Smarter Battery constantly reads the battery data and calculates the time remaining for the battery. Even it shows the evolution of the capacity of battery graphically for up to 16 hours. You can also analyze a complete discharge cycle of the battery with the help of this application.

Both the fast discharge and the calibration methods were up to date for the better performance. You can even select the power plan of your choice if you want. Along with those menus, Standby, Hibernate or Shut down command also included in it. This software is compatible with all the latest Windows Operating Systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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