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Ever thought of something which could clean up your computer at a faster rate? Well, to solve this concern of yours RegZooka is in the town. It is a powerful registry cleaning application, with a simple interface, which could be used and handled by anybody. Apart from cleaning and scanning, this software also has additional features like issues logs, file dependency scans, and many other features which ensures accurate and safe scans and cleaning every time. The software has all the elements in it, which a good registry cleaning software should have, and this is perhaps the reason why it has been rated as one of the best selling software in the market.

The scanning process with this software is little lengthy, because it goes through a fairly long list of registry items, including COM/ ActiveX/OLE entries, application uninstall entries, font entries, shared DLL entries and others, to ensure that every part of the computer is cleaned. The entire cleaning process is divided into three stages, which includes scanning, identifying what items have to be removed and finally cleaning. The biggest advantage of using RegZooka software is that, it includes a start up menu-manager, which lets one choose the items, which one wishes to run when their computer starts. This is one of the time saving features of a good registry cleaning software.

One need not be worries about losing their important files, during the cleaning process, as this software creates a backup, from where one can retrieve their important files, even if they have lost it. As far as its installation is concerned, no problems have been reported by the customers as yet, the interface of the software is pretty easy to be used. The software comes along with a user manual, which anybody can refer if they come across any kind of difficulty.

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