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We use many gadgets and devices which run on batteries. The devices which run on battery are very transportable and convenient to use at anywhere. These devices are worthless if they don’t have good battery life or whose batteries do not run for longer time. Many times it seems that with the lack of correct estimate of the status of the battery, people suffer a lot and it results into distraction in their work. Thus the significance of a good battery meter cannot be ignored. Battery Meter is software which gives the correct estimate of the battery life. It is a gadget which can be installed in any mobile and computer system. It supports all operating systems of windows in computer and mobile phones.

Battery Meter is available in various attractive skins. In its setting user can change its look according to their likes. Battery Meter has battery charge indicator. It starts glowing when the device is put on charge. This Battery Meter helps in maintaining the life of a battery. Its indicator shows in advance that what particular amount of charge is left and the time up till which it will last. It shows the remaining talk time and stand by time graphically. Its time estimation is very much accurate. It will never let you to regret in future for the failure of battery power.This Battery Meter software is simple to use and easy in installation.

Battery Meter has alarm feature also. It alarms when the life of battery is about to discharge. There are different colors of lead light based on their different functions. It continuously keeps on blinking in case of low battery or full battery. Battery meter is very much helpful for those who work on battery for a long time. It has three different levels which show the status of the battery like current battery level, how much battery is left for use and the battery status like low, good, excellent etc.