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Advanced SystemCare, as suggested by its name, is a diagnostic and system management tool that is intended to help users secure their systems and ensure its efficient usage by detecting issues and solving them before the system is overwhelmed by these problems. This tool claims to ensure the efficient management of a system’s resources and optimization of its usage. It offers a simple mechanism to manage the various aspects of a system and at various levels through its four categories of Turbo Boost, Deep Care, Quick Care, and Toolbox. Each of these categories offers various functionalities to take care of various aspects of managing your system’s resources and its efficient usage.

The Turbo Boost is one of the most advanced functionalities offered by this tool and is intended to boost your system’s power and speed by getting rid of services or applications that are eating into your resources. It offers the option to manually remove services and applications, ensuring that you have the complete control in determining which programs are not required. The Deep Care feature is concerned with in-depth scans such as defragmenting the registry files. This is intended to execute an extensive clean-up with the aim of implementing a complete system clean-up. The tool also offers a Rescue feature that helps you undo any Registry changes that can adversely affect your system’s set-up or performance.

The Quick Care feature performs a quick scan that helps to detect the existence of malware applications and perform a clean-up operation to get rid of them. It also comprises a Registry Fix functionality that detects issues in the Registry files that require a clean-up task. Once the issues are detected, the tool offers the option to manually determine the issues that need to be fixed using the Repair Now tool. This freeware application can be implemented in various Windows systems such as Windows 2000, 7, 8, XP, and Vista versions. This is a product from the house of IObit.

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