360 Amigo System Speedup Free

Download 360 Amigo System Speedup Free

We are always concerned about our computer’s performance. There are certain delicate areas of you computer like registry files which are advised not to touch if computer is not your forte. Here is a windows software called 360 Amigo System Speedup Free which is very easy to implement and increase the performance level of your computer by providing you with tools for clean up of registry error as well as existing junk files. This software after installation will scan all the areas which consist of unnecessary files like recycle bin, windows log files, broken or link less shortcuts, garbage files in Windows Office and history files in Windows Explorer. So this junk cleaner tool will search all the drives for temporary cache files and delete them to create more space in the disk drive.

Once you are done with selecting all those unnecessary files, you can delete them but it will prompt you to create a restore point in case you want to renew all the deleted entities later. The registry items mainly consists of font entries, ActiveX, COM, file extensions, firewall, application IDs and many such delicate files. After examining it offers helpful advice related to system tweaking on various fronts. Automated routines are also provided so that you can implement to allow your system optimization with comparatively less intervention. Your disk drives can also be partitioned with this software. It also manages those applications which automatically boots when the system booting occurs. It stops unnecessary programs and uninstalls running processes whenever you want to.

Some more built in tools are duplicate file finder in case on any damage to the existing one, zero sized file as well as empty folder scanner, disk analyzer and disk wiper. Registry backup, registry part and file encrypt are also some of the built in tools. This also allows many language interfaces and uses a moderate amount of resources. Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista and 7 are capable to support this software.