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Professional photographers and studios can benefit a lot from the use of Daminion, which is an extremely efficient photo cataloguing application for professionals. This software can come in quite handy for those who take numerous photos regularly and might struggle to find an efficient way at managing all of those. Daminion photo cataloguing application provides a rational interface that can help its users in tagging and sorting their images in a sensible manner.

The user interface contains a window along its left edge, which contains catalogue bar to assist the users in navigating their collection. Users can navigate their digital photo collection by using various filters such as creation date, camera model, or any other label they might have added to help in sorting. The right side of the interface contains another bar for indicating information regarding the currently selected photo such as focal length, rating, and lot more.

This photo cataloguing application allows its users to sort and categorize their photos by using the metadata which includes the model of lens and camera used in capturing the photo, the date etc. However, users can also opt to categorize their photo collection manually by using various labels and tags. Moreover, it saves the metadata into the image and not simply as an INI file unlike some other similar software. Thus, this photo cataloguing application can be the ideal choice for professional photographers and studios.




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