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ZipX is a usual archiver tool used for compressing and decompressing files and folders from archives. This tool does not provide any surprise to the end user, but provides better coverage of compression formats supported. It has a well designed interface windows, and an extensive Help and information manual. The well labeled tool bar icons guides the user through all the available functionalities of the tool. The tool provides easy guidance to either add the file to an existing archive or to create a new archive. The tool provides support for extraction of files from different archive formats and also allows you to create ZIP and CAB archives.

This tool supports all popular available archive formats such as ZIP, 7 Zip, ARC, ACE, CAB, RAR, ARJ, LHA, TAR, JAR, TGZ, and ZOO. Another mentionable feature of this tool is that it can support large Zip files, even greater than 4GB of size. As in other standard tools, this tool too supports encryption using digital certificates and has the password enabling options for the compressed archive files. As per the PKZip standard, this tool supports encrypted file names. The tool claims to have functionality to auto correct damaged zip files. It has options to list the contents of the archive by file and directory listing. Also the tool enables the user to view the files in both text and binary format.

The implementation of an easy interface and the availability of a detailed help manual are the only features which makes this tool a bit different from the other standard archive tools available. There is a 30 day trial version available without any limitations. The installation process is very simple and the package is a light weight one of around 3.1MB.  The support of creation and extraction of 256 bit AES encrypted archives and decoding of UUEncode and XXEncode formats make this tool in par with other standard archive tools available.

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