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Zipit is an application to start, draw out, make and modify (add and remove entries) zip-files. ZipIt can also start and draw out records designed by gzip, bzip2 and/or tar. The blends of these are also reinforced, e.g. gzipped or bzipped tar-files. ZipIt has a clear and understandable individual interface much similar to the one used in the generally known and regularly used WinZip. When used on zip-files, computer file records can be removed and you can also add information, either one by one or by including all information in a certain index at once. You can draw out all information from the store or all information at once, keeping the unique index framework or not, based on your choices while getting. Zipit can open, perspective and draw out records ZIP, TAR, GZIP, BZIP2, TGZ, and TBZ.

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