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Ultimate Zip Portable is an easy to use store application. Even first-time customers can make or draw out records of any type in a few moments. Ultimate Zip can handle store formats like: ZIP/ZIPX, RAR, ACE, 7-ZIP and more. Ultimate Zip comes with assistance for AES conventional and provides powerful security with the UZE security structure. The inner audience can handle more than 100 computer file kinds. Ultimate Zip is 100% convenient, set up it to your USB-Stick and use it anywhere. Here are the most essential features: Excellent ZIP/ZIPX/7-Zip Support. It is Portable. Support for endless quality and endless number of information in ZIP records. UltimateZip can handle most well-known compacted and protected kinds currently in use. UltimateZip comes with complete assistance for AES standard (128-bit/192-bit/256-bit AE-1 & AE-2), and has powerful security with the UZE security structure.

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