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KGB Archiver is a compression software utility that claims to offer one of the best compression ratios when compared to other contemporary software applications. As is evident from its name, you can use this tool to compress and decompress files. What makes this tool distinctive, when compared to other compression tools, is its high compression rate; which makes it an ideal choice when you have to compress huge files. The system requirements of this tool are on the higher side. The tool requires 256 MB RAM and a processor of capacity 1.5 GHz. The program’s installation files are in itself around 1.02 MB.

However, despite its high level compression rates and advanced functionalities, the tool comes with a simple interface that makes its use and implementation quite simple and easy. The interface has three simple options for compressing and decompressing files, as well as an option menu that allows you to customize your compression and decompression settings. The tool offers two options for the file format in which data can be compressed, namely, ZIP and KGB. There are also 10 different levels of compression starting from the minimal, very weak, and weak and progressing to the normal, medium, and above medium; and advancing to the good, very good, extreme, and maximum. These different levels of compression are another unique feature that makes it distinctive from conventional compression tools. Depending on the level of compression required for your files, you can choose from the different modes.

However, it is good to remember here that the higher the mode, the more the memory consumption and the longer the duration to create the output file. Nevertheless, in case you select the ZIP format as the file format for your output file, the compression occurs faster. Moreover, the memory usage is also lesser when compared to compressing files in KGB format. However, the percentage of compression is compromised in comparison to KGB file format. Another benefit of using the ZIP file format is that you can split your compressed files into multiple segments. Decompressing or retrieving your compressed files is also an equally simple process. The tool is integrated with AES-256 encryption to enable the best compression. You can also implement password protection for your compressed files.

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