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Clipjump is a transportable freeware that can spare anything that might be replicated or spared to the Windows Clipboard to numerous Clipboards and even Channels inside Clipboards. Clipjump is particularly handy when you're kept tabs on one theme. You can make and designate a particular Clipboard or Channel, and this tool will spare all cuts there until you transform it once more. Clipjump utilizes the recognizable Windows hotkeys for Cut, Copy, and Paste and comparative blends for its own particular orders, however it takes a small amount of getting used to, from the get go.

Clipjump is very versatile, yet you can set it to run at startup and alter much of its conduct by clicking "Settings" on the System Tray menu that serves as Clipjump's nerve focus. Two hotkey combos deal with this tool’s business: Win + C opens the software Clipboard History instrument, which gives you a chance to see pictures, run ventures, and Delete, Copy, Insta-Paste, and Export cuts; while Ctrl + Shift + C opens the software Channels device, which let us designate the same number Channels as we required.

Any device that changes something key in Windows takes some time for getting used to, and that is also applicable for Clipjump. In any case you can pick the default Clipboard and after that include Channels, if that gives a better feeling to you. Clipjump is a free software, so you've nothing to lose by attempting it.

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