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Churches are usually the most important part of any area’s culture and heritage. Since ancient times, churches have been the center for not just religious lives of people but also the main center where art and culture came together. Church Builder is the software that is programmed to design and create 3D models of churches. With this software thus you can create your very own 3D model of a church and also design it as you desire or requirement. In any given locality, a church usually has detailed records of births, deaths, revolts and other such social events, thus a church can effectively give you the history of a place.

With the help of the Church Builder software you can design the model of any church. The software is able to help create compound and composite 3D models of churches. These models can be used for a variety of purposes. This software is also capable of creating tours of the model that it creates. The user can also use this software to capture images of the churches or even to make video clips of any tours of the church. The video clips created can be converted into VRML format that is the format accepted by websites. Thus this software includes all that you will ever need to plan a tour of a church.

In recent times, with the advancement in the tourism industry, tourists often show a lot of interest in churches. This is not surprising as various churches have been known to have different architectural styles or evidence of changes that were brought about in the structure of the church in various eras. As such if you have a 3D model of a church, not only does it become easier to guide tourists, but also such models can be used to promote the tourism of the region.