California Real Estate Exam 2006

Download California Real Estate Exam 2006

The Real Estate examination of California is a really tough one. Almost seventy percent of the candidates who take the exam do not clear it. This is mainly due to the fact that a majority of the candidates does not have any idea about what to study. The California Real Estate Exam 2006 application lets the candidate have an edge over the exam beforehand. The app contains all the questions of the premier institutes and the study material of these institutes. The app brings to you all the questions and study packages in a condensed format which is easy to handle and one can have a go at all the questions included in the study material for the test. When taking the tests, an incorrect response to a question will appear in red while a correct response will appear in blue. However one can change this color codes whenever they like.

One can also set a timer to record their speeds while taking the tests, which will give them a better practice for the actual exam. You can also save the progress in a test and come back at any time you want to the test. The interface of the app is also simple and user friendly. The test data for the 2006 exam has been added. The new version of the California Real Estate Exam 2006 has been upgraded. All the bugs have been fixed and new websites have been added. This app is compatible with Windows XP and upwards. A free version is available for download but does not contain the full study materials and question papers included in the full version of the app.