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BestAddress HTML Editor is a multi-faceted editor with both a text editor, which supports for hand writing code, and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get, or visual) editor. Freshers are attracted to the visual editor, and with drag and drop options, coding is very easy. Experienced programmers can utilize the facilities of both coding and visual editors. In this way, compared to other HTML editors, BestAddress HTML Editor makes the best of both worlds.

BestAddress HTML Editor has a strong feature set with both standard and unique features. The features are well-rounded and capable enough to be of use for any knowledge level. One of the major strengths of this HTML editor is its ability to switch between WYSIWYG and text editors. BestAddress HTML Editor supports for syntax highlighting which makes it easy to find hand code, changing colors of a line of code only when it is written correctly.

BestAddress HTML Editor has a fairly intuitive interface, similar to that of Microsoft office, and comes with a very few icons. When you roll the mouse over an icon, BestAddress HTML Editor provides you with Tooltips pop-ups that display useful information on icons chosen, thus eliminating learning curve.

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