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Battery Doctor for PC Windows can be the ideal app for android users who wish to extend the battery life of their devices. This professional power manager is extremely effective in saving battery without costing anything. This tool accurately estimates the amount of time remaining for the battery, which includes estimations for various situations including Wi-Fi on or off, or playing games. Moreover, a Task Killer feature prevents all the idle apps from running since they drain a significant amount of power.

Battery Doctor for PC Windows offer a number of widgets which help in optimizing the performance of android devices, while also being able to manage data, Wi-Fi, brightness etc. with utmost ease. Thus, users are able to accelerate the performance of their devices in a flash. Users also get to know how much longer their device will run if they turn off connectivity features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi etc.

This app provides its users with valuable inputs regarding the correct way to recharge the battery to elongate its service life. Thus, users are able to prevent overcharging and undercharging that are the most common causes behind battery failure. Moreover, users receive software and hardware information regarding their android devices, which makes this app the perfect choice as a power manager.

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