Download Netgear ReadyShare Vault

Netgear ReadyShare Vault software is centralized around the concept of backing up files and restoring them. With its simple yet reliable structure, it provides a good base for one to back up their important files for retaining useful data and restoring them, when necessary. It is a free application with a very intuitive and strong interface that runs smoothly without any hassle on all kind of Windows platform. One can simply download it from the web and install it on their PC without any special technical requisite. The app is customized with a very colorful dashboard that is quite visually attractive. One can create the backup folders on any USB device or other system.

With its flexible elements, one can easily backup all kind of files related to the Windows line, be it Outlook emails, contacts, Photos, Videos, My Documents, e-books and the list goes on. Another interesting feature is that one can assign passwords to the folders in order to increase the level of security for certain files and prevent them from being the target of any suspicious activity. The default backup limit is 100 GB, but one can customize it as per their own requirement as soon as the initial default backup job is complete.

The program functions at a very fast pace, taking minimum time for the files to backup. The user can also set up the time interval for backing up the files and it would perform the command automatically. The Restore feature enables the user to gain back any deleted file at any time. One also gets the liberty to choose an alternate location for the file to be restored, if at all they do not wish to restore it to the same location as before. The application is a must have for people seeking for any local backup software with cool features at least credits.

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