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The EZ Backup IncrediMail Pro is an advanced software that allows the user to make easy backup of their IncrediMail mail, address book and the desired settings that are already made to the local or network drive as a self-extracting archive. This self-extracting archive comprises of a wizard interface which will guide the user to restore its data properly in an organised manner.

The wizard interface of the software makes the restoring up of data very easy with the presence of its various functions and features. Every single page of the wizard comprises of several instructions and options that guides the user for carrying out the necessary steps for restoring its data. The EZ Backup IncrediMail Pro has been developed by Perception in both the trial and free version at a certain price as per the requirement of the user. This tool gets operated on all the version of Windows like windows 98, XP, ME, NT, 2000, Vista, Windows 7 and also latest Windows 8. After considering the program or file that the user desires for a backup, the software takes up the decision that whether the user’s device need to be searched for the files or not and if such steps is required the software will at first askthe user to specify such file that requires the backup.

This will be followed by a list of file types and the necessary selection is to be made by the user. The program will then ask the user for some followed steps like the destination where the backup shall be stored, process of executing the backup file from the destination folder, auto detection of the backup file and much more. As a whole, the EZ Backup IncrediMail Pro is a user friendly software that comprises of an intuitive interface and uses a low amount of CPU and memory storage.

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