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Computers certainly have changed the lifestyle of a large number of people in the present scenario in many ways. But the consequence of losing data from a computer is no less than a nightmare. But there is a good news for these computer users, because DiskCopy comes with unique options to make the computer look like before it was damaged after recovery.

The software offers fast, powerful and most importantly, simplest ways to clone a total Hard Drive that include the operating system with its files, user’s personal data and media files that include videos, photos, music etc. As the software creates an image of the hard drive, all the settings are also restored followed by the shortcuts, internet history, bookmarks, add-ons etc.

The beautiful and user friendly interface makes DiskCopy easy even for the novice users to use the software without any kind of difficulty. The latest version of the software has some additional features which include one click backup and recovery, backing up and recovering partitions and installing a number of versions of Window on a PC. In spite of these powerful features, this software comes in a very small size which is not at all compared to the features.

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