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BRAQaR is the acronym for Backup Risk Assessment Questionnaire and Report Software. It has been designed to allow you to restore and recover your data as and when necessary. This is ideally useful to keep multipurpose object updated and hassle free. This software is especially intended for utilization by managers and the owners of not-too-big to the average sized companies or enterprises.

To help you more, the BRAQaR questionnaire is incredibly effortless to use. A few opinion polls are provided and you only need to click on the right reply that is applicable to support your disk data activities. For each provided question, there is a separate Help segment provided. After you have finished with the questionnaire session, a modified Backup Risk Assessment details are displayed. The aim of all this is to basically create a database that will help you recover from any possible data disruptions and also lets you know the pros and cons if and when such a situation occurs.

With computer data glitches around the corner primarily, because of not just a total dependence but because of heavy usage too, with BRAQaR, your business endeavor stands at a much better position simply because you are well equipped. This software is very much compatible with all the latest Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

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