Download Astrology for Windows

Astrology is an interesting subject since years. People believe it and also apply many things related to it. Traditional studies of astrology have been now replaced by the software of Astrology for Windows. This software shows all the calculations of the stars and zodiacs of an individual.

Astrology for Windows comes up with the Atlas that helps the individual with put the correct place and time of the individual. As the program can work anywhere in the world, so it is necessary to keep track of the time zones. Using the Atlas, the individual can select the current location and the time zone he/ she is into while using the program. The users can calculate the births charts and can also compare it with other charts. The compatibility of the two charts can be easily found out by the different methods provided in the program.

There are two graphic wheels in Astrology for Windows. This helps in detecting and displaying of various transitions. The software can also calculate the solar and lunar status and also other type of charts. These charts and other reports can also be saved and used in future. These charts can be edited and also be deleted. Astrology for Windows is compatible with the operating system of Windows XP and also with Windows Vista. It is also applicable with Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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