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Anyplace Control is a Windows remote access software that gives the user remote access to home or office personal computers in a secured way. The user can transfer files and images from one computer to another via remote access and save a lot of time.

This remote PC access software includes two modules namely the Host module and the Admin module. The user must install the Host module on the computer first to be able to access remotely. Then they would have to get the Admin module. Admin module is a small download on the local computer that will be used to access the remote computer. This software is a secure platform that requires a password and an access code to be logged into. This double password protection ensures extra level of protection. One standout feature of this software is power management. This software makes remote shutdown and restart possible.

Other important functionalities of this software are Clipboard sharing for files between the local and the remote computers and Direct access between the two. Anyplace Control offers multiple help options for online support including FAQs, online manual, online forums and demo videos. The option of email and phone support is also available. This software offers built-in help as well in case the user has any issues or concerns with accessing their remote desktop.

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