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Automating common user tasks can save user’s precious time as well as energy. Advanced Task Scheduler is a piece of software which is designed schedule tasks in the most efficient way yet. Users can schedule almost all kinds of tasks with the help of this tool. They include executable files, batch files, scripts and other most useful tasks.

Not only this tool had the tasks mentioned above, the software also allows the users to send email messages, reminders etc. to the selected recipients. Advanced network tasks like FTP operations, file operations like, copying, moving can also be automated. Adding tasks can be accomplished with just a few clicks. They just need to specify the applications or command lines with the time to start. That’s it. Users can make a particular task to run or even stop with a particular hotkey or when the computer is idle.

The client for this software runs in the background to give access to all the features available within the program. The software can also execute is tasks when it is not logged on to any user or when the user who requested the task is not logged in. All these features make the software a must, for those people who want to automate their everyday tasks in order to utilize time for other tasks.

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