Download TrustPort Internet Security

TrustPort Internet Security is an internet security software. It is very easy for an average user to use. Five of the seven buttons are simple on/off buttons and the other ones are update check buttons. The software can be very easily installed and includes a web based malware scanner which runs very efficiently. It helps the user to detect and fight malware and does an exceptionally good job detecting it.

TrustPort Internet Security also has a traditional firewall that allows the user to control the content they share or view over the internet. Whenever, a new website or content is attempted to be opened, the firewall displays a dialog box asking the user whether or not to allow it. This software affects the working of the system in a very minimal way. It also helps the user to store their secure personal data in DropBox. This software also allows easy decoding of emails and other messages.

Tools like Application Inspector, Email scanner, OnAccess scanner help the user to stay protected against fraudulent internet content. TrustPort Internet Security offers all the features that are expected to be in an internet security software and a few unexpected ones as well. Hence, TructPort Internet Security is worth some consideration.

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