Download SecureConnect

SecureConnect is a popular internet security software suite developed by GEID Technology to provide secured transparent communication over internet. It makes use of technologies like antivirus programs, SSL encryption, intrusion detection system and malicious websites prevention etc to provide you complete security when communicating online through internet. The SSL encryption system relieves you from the fear of identity theft and data leakage. So if anyone spying on your internet traffic and got access to your network, he/she won't be able to capture a bit of your confidential data. SecureConnect works on the concept of Virtual Private Network (VPN). It provides VPN tunnel between gateway and client. It also makes use of firewall for filtering and restricting malicious and unsecured connections.

SecureConnect has been specifically designed and developed for providing secure connectivity and communication over internet through the concept of VPN. It provides the facility of web filtering with the help of IP databases and up to date domain. This software program easily merges itself with other security software program and makes a secured web of multiple security services and enhances the security level. SecureConnect's SSL encryption system adds an extra level of security. Connection and browsing will not get effected due to connection through VPN channel. It executes in the background silently and don't effect internet access speed and downloading speed.

To install SecureConnect in your computer system you need to have any of the following operating systems: Windows 7/8, Windows XP/Vista or Windows 2003/2000. No additional requirement is there for the installation. After the installation it easily merges itself with other security applications installed in your system. You won't get any compatibility issues for SecureConnect installation. With all security features enabled it also secures your WiFi connections. This is a very good software product to protect your identity on internet. So if you r looking for a complete security combo for your system SecureConnect will be an ideal for you.